Princess seam dress

Simple A-line dress

Simple A-line dress


Button-up summer tea dress


Blue polka dot casual dress


Full circle swing skirt


Melbourne Derby day dress


Striped shirtwaist button-up dress


Red polka dot summer dress

Bespoke blouson dress

Blouson dress


Kimono dress

Shirtwaist button up triangular dress

Shirtwaist triangular dress


Royal jacket


Princess seam business dress


Backless maxidress

Meet the impatient one


I love to make clothes and make people feel unique by producing a tailored piece for them. I call them dresses with soul. For me the owner comes first and then the dress, not the other way round.

I'm obsessed by detail and love when the dress just fits perfectly. I absolutely adore 50s fashion style so there will always be an element of this decade in my designs.

Why bespoke?

Better fit according to your figure

Precise measuring provides better fit and increases the comfort of the garment and thus leads to less possibility of stretching the garment out of shape

Quality design and manufacturing

Every piece is sewn locally in a non-stressful environment, with a lot of dedication, love and attention to detail in order to provide long-lasting garments of the highest quality

Longer emotional durability

Every piece is unique, made only for the customer, according to their preferences. Hopefully this creates a strong bond between the owner and the garment leading to greater satisfaction and longer emotional durability

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